Renting 2 Buy

We’ve helped 100’s of people become homeowners.

Purchasing a house the traditional way may not be practical or even possible for some Australians. We’ve developed a system to help you achieve your home ownership dreams sooner.

We currently serve Australians in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. And continue to grow.

How We Help You Achieve Home Ownership

Renting 2 Buy - No Longer a Dream to Own a House!

Home ownership is a privilege available only to a lucky few Australians. Unfortunately, this is due to the high prices, duties and obstacles that the Australian property market imposes on those who are trying to break into real estate.

Renting 2 Buy - No Longer a Dream to Own a House!
The Sad Truth

Buying a house requires financial preparedness and stability, and at least 5 years worth of savings. Take a $550,000 home in Brisbane as an example, the 20% deposit and stamp duty comes to around $122,000. Try saving this amount as well as keeping up with everyday expenses, rent, utilities, and emergencies. It’s understandable why many everyday Australians think homeownership is impossible.

Why Rent When I Can Buy?

The conventional rent to buy system exposes the purchaser to a vendor who raises prices, changes their mind, and possibly go bankrupt - forfeiting the asset that the purchase has been working towards. We at Renting 2 Buy, do things differently. You will own your house from day one, just like a standard mortgage. Your dream of home ownership is realistic.

Will it Work for Me?

Over 80% of clients who approach us, qualify for our service. The general rule of thumb is that if you believe you can comfortable afford mortgage repayments, then you’re likely eligible to buy one with proper support and structure. Contact us today and we will let you know if you qualify.

Properties like these could be yours.